Thursday, November 10, 2005

Monet Afghan

I called this afghan “Monet” because the colors look like an impressionist painting. I suggest making this afghan in any color, either solid or variegated, because the texture of the stitches make it special. The finished afghan measures approximately 46”X66”.

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Monet Afghan
©2005 Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude

Each square measures 13” x 13”

Make 12:

Materials: Worsted Weight yarn – (shown in Red Heart "Water Lily")
I used one 6 oz skein for each square (it's important not to start a new skein in the middle of the square because of the patterning of the colors)
And two 8 oz skeins of white for the joining and the border
Size H crochet hook

Row 1: Ch 47, sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across. (46 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, (sc, 2 dc) in first st, *skip 2 sc, (sc, 2 dc) in next st * across. Sc in last st.

Row 3-33: Ch 1, (sc, 2 dc) in each single crochet across ending with a sc in the last st.

Row 34, sc in each st across. Do not fasten off. Sc evenly around square working 3 sc in each corner. Fasten off.

Join squares together using a simplified Lattice Technique (origin unknown) as follows:

Rnd 1: With contrasting color join with a sc in any corner, work 2 more sc in same st, work 47 sc on each side and work 3 sc in each corner. Join with a slip st.

Rnd 2: Slip st into corner st. Ch1, (sc, ch 4, sc) in same st. (Ch 3, skip 2 sc, sc in next st) around, working (sc, ch 4, sc) in each corner st. Slip st to first sc, fasten off.

Lay the squares out in a 3 by 4 pattern. First join squares together to make three long strips with four squares each. Then join the three strips together to create ghan. Join by making a sc in corner loop, ch 3, sc in corresponding loop on opposite square. Ch 3, sc in next loop of first square, ch 3, sc in corresponding loop of opposite square, and so on back and forth.

Once joined, edge entire afghan by working three rounds of (sc, ch 3) in each loop.


Debra Jackson said...

HELP I am looking for crochet patterns for one piece circular afghan and also a pentagon shape.

Crystal said...

I love this afghan. I used your pattern in a varigated purple with a darker purple for the edging and joining. My friend thought it was so beautiful, that I ended up giving it to her and starting another one for myself

Janet said...

This pattern is a great way to use up my left over variegated yarns. I did mine with 6" squares. It looks awesome. Now my friends want me to make them one.